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Have Kosher Eaters as House Guests?

If you have kosher-eating house guests, you may want to know some basic ways to prepare kosher food. Families living in kosher homes can have the convenience that so many enjoy when it comes to preparing meals with limited time to do so. All it takes is a recipe (or two!), the proper kosher foods, and a creative cooking imagination.

If you eat kosher, then you know how to prepare your foods, where to purchase them, and what you can and cannot eat. Even though you may not be able to cook some items together, who’s to say you can’t have more than one slow cooker to cook different foods. Let’s take a look at familiar dishes and see how we can work in our slow cooker.

Consider Cholent Stew in your Slow Cooker

There are many kosher foods that may benefit from being cooked in the slow cooker. The most popular being the cholent stew cooked for Shabbat and to be eaten on a Saturday. Because there is a ban on cooking or lighting a fire during Shabbat, starting this stew in the slow cooker on Friday and serving it Saturday is appropriate.

There are a few different types of cholent stews that can be cooked kosher in the slow cooker. Here are three dishes for you to consider making in your slow cooker.

Schalet is a hearty stew that is made up of beans, barley and kosher meat. Schalet is a pretty generic food, depending on where you live. There are many cultures that cook this dish in diverse ways with different ingredients.

Tebeet is a dish that is made with a whole chicken that is stuffed with seasoned rice. This is not exactly a stew, but it is traditionally slow cooked, therefore making it perfect for the slow cooker.

Hamin is made with chicken instead of the traditional meats that make up cholent stews. You can add potatoes, carrots, prunes, rice and many other yummy ingredients to make this hot hearty meal. Again, ingredients differ depending on what area of the country you are in.

Kosher slow cooker cooking need not be complicated. There are many cookbooks now that are specific to kosher slow cooker cooking. If you have the time, you can take any recipe that is slow cooked, make a few changes so that is meets the kosher requirements, and you have a hot, tasty meal.скачать dle 12.0
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