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How to Treat Guests to a Bed and Breakfast Experience

Bed and breakfast people are amazing! Imagine opening your home to strangers and stopping at nothing to make them feel welcome. You’re up at the crack of dawn cooking and cleaning. You want them to enjoy their stay and agonize over the fact that some of them can be gluten-free eaters and may not like what you prepared.

It isn’t an easy task hosting overnight guests, because some tend to judge you by how you treated them. With the popularity of quaint little inns and beautiful B&B (Bed and Breakfast) places, the bar has been set a lot higher for all of us. Of course, we want our guests to be comfortable, but now many of us see an overnight stay as an opportunity to practice our decorating, cooking, and hospitality skills all at the same time.

If you want to go beyond clean sheets and a plate of eggs for your guests, just think about the things that make you feel pampered when you stay away from home. I’ll bet a hearty, tasty breakfast pops into your thoughts first. Perhaps that delicious breakfast is the reason you would go back to that little inn again. The aroma from the kitchen wafting up the stairs wakes you up even before you smell the coffee. It takes all you can do to get dressed before you head down to the dining room to see what’s on the table.

Of course, you work hard to provide clean guest towels, fluffy pillows, plenty of blankets, and a cozy bed for your guests to sleep in. You may even include special chocolates on their pillows and pretty arrangements of flowers. Maybe those are luxuries you think any overnight guest should be treated to. All those touches add up to a nice stay in your home.

You pull out all the stops to be the perfect host for your guest. You have invited them into your home and you want them to feel comfortable and welcomed. That’s why you go above and beyond to provide these little pleasures for them. There’s no doubt that your guests appreciate all the amenities you have provided. But, again and again, it’s the breakfast that gets talked about later. You want to make sure that your breakfast gets mentioned in glowing terms.
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