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How to Feel Like a Musical Celebrity in Your Own Home

The Grammy’s have told us that some musicians can be eccentric in their tastes. How do we know? We see it all the time in red carpet photos. We see it when the presenters and the awardees go on stage. But some of these tips we get from viewing red carpet photos of musicians tell us one thing: you can replicate the styles.

So, let’s say you’re attending an event or you have a performance coming up. You may want to get in the role of being a celebrity before you hit the spotlight.

Look Like a Celebrity

To look like a celebrity, you can start by looking for brands that tell of the style of a particular designer, like Versace, Monique Lhuillier or Vera Wang. Chanel, as Project Runway tells us, is the favorite mimicry subject of most budding designers. Some of the clothes that people use are fabulous for a reason, they make everyone think you’re wearing clothes from a particular designers. Auction places like ebay are the first places to go to.

If you can’t afford original, look for items that look like they could have been made by designer brands.

Practice Your Celebrity Strut

Celebrities don’t just walk on the red carpet. They float. They strut. They do everything but walk and talk like ordinary people do because there are hundreds of cameras upon them. Can’t imagine someone picking his or her nose on the red carpet, can you? Practice your walk, hold your head high. If possible, try posing for photos. This should be easy because there are so many portable cameras around to practice with.

Conquer Stage Fright Early

Singing under fluorescent light on your own is different from singing in front of a live audience, and being surrounded by lights. Most amateur singers freeze under the spotlight, or black out so bad that they forget to sing on tune. Avoid this by practicing. Invite some friends over for Karaoke and set up a stage complete with something like a new chauvet 4bar at guitar center. under bright lights, you can shine like a diamond.
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