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What Do They Mean With Find Your Own Musical Voice?

We’ve heard on many talent shows that someone who has the voice should find his or her music identity. What do they mean by this? We can take this as looking for a genre that suits your voice perfectly. But what if you don’t know what genres are and you simply go by what you want to sing?

The fact is, if you have musical talent, you can apply it anywhere. You can sing different songs and music. You can allow your talent to speak (or sing) for itself. But here are things you can do to really find your musical identity.

What do you like?

You should also find out what you really want to sing. Do a little digging. What do you listen to often? Those are probably your musical influences. You may have a musician you look up to because of his or her style of singing. You may be mimicking that person’s style unconsciously or you may be leaning toward that musician’s genre without realizing it.

Let others judge

If you’re immune to bad critiques and internet trolls, this is a useful way to figure out which genre your voice is most suited for. Publishing music used to be something like a pipe dream a decade or two ago when the capabilities of the internet are yet unknown. Now, you can do that easily. Upload a video of a performance and let people comment on your style, voice and singing. Some golden nuggets of advice may come from the most unlikely places.

Complete your hardware

Keep in tune and practice with your save on casio ctk 7000 at musicians friend. Your cover of a song should be in a format that is widely accepted in most music sharing sites. For recorded music, mp3 is still the best format. There are free software downloadable, usually in the same site where you plan on publishing your music. This is also the same format that your listeners will save in their gadgets when they download your music.

The public has by now learned to accept new artists. There are several sites now that welcome independent music producers, or those that really want to make it in the music scene without going through the usual process of being scouted after fronting for a more popular act in a live show and signing up with a label. While the usual way usually leads to the best opportunities, going independent early in your career can be a good step.
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