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Gifts for a Musician on Valentines

If your significant other is working on his music in the garage, you can bet that he would need more tools to keep making perfect music. Some of these he can get on his own, but there are others that he may still be saving up for. Music, like technology, is constantly evolving. What sounds great now can sound even better when the new equipment come along.

Pitch Aids – A pitch aid is something that helps music lovers keep in tune. They should be handy enough to bring anywhere. One simple solution is a harmonica (example, hohner harmonicas at guitar center). The person can bring this around so that when it seems like he’s going out of tune, he can correct it immediately.

Audio Recording Software – Many people complain that the music nowadays is autotuned. What most people don’t know is that editing music for better clarity and quality can be an extremely technical affair, and very talented music editors are the ones that do this. If your loved one is a musician, you can bet that he is looking for programs that will make his job easier.

More Equipment – Go to online communities of home musicians and find out what these artists are raving about at the moment. The awesome m-audio fast track pro can create rich electric guitar sounds, but there are also other equipment out there that offer louder output.

A phone with quality recording capabilities = Cell phones do more than just connect you to other people nowadays. There are phones that are made for lifestyle, and you should know which ones are the best. Get phones with awesome video capabilities. Lenovo and Samsung are great alternatives if an iPhone is too expensive.скачать dle 12.0
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