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The Basics of Living Alone as a Single Diva

While help is always around no matter what you want done around the house, it’s never too late to learn the basics of home maintenance yourself. Sure, you’re not going to be able to build a cabinet in a day, or know exactly what an acme screw is for, but if you can change a lock on your own and understand the basics of changing the faucet head, then you’re more than qualified to become a single diva living alone.

How to Keep your Work Space Organized

An organized workspace can inspire you to work harder and make more money. If everything is in disarray, you end up feeling like even your own mind is a mess. Finding something amidst all the clutter is visually and emotionally disturbing. Resist the impulse to throw everything away, and keep your organization skills sharp.

Male Fashionistas – Envy of Other Men

The thought that men are not into glitzy, glamorous stuff is long gone. Right now, men of all ages are discovering the secrets of glamming up for day to day living. A few years back, the arrival of a new breed of men, the so-called metrosexuals became the talk of the town.

Grow Aloe Vera and Garlic in Your Garden for Beauty and Health

This plant, familiar to most of us, has many health benefits. The gel inside the plant leaf is what you want to use. This can be used topically or internally. The best way to use it is to cut away the outer leaves until you reach the transparent gel inside. The benefits of the Aloe Vera plant are numerous. To apply topically, gently rub the gel on the affected area. A few of the topical benefits are:

How to Prepare for Evacuation in an Emergency

The most important thing to do to make a family emergency plan work is to discuss the plan with your family. You will need to inform your children of the types of emergencies or disasters that could possibly happen in your area. This is not a pleasant conversation, especially when we talk about man-made disasters, such as chemical spills, explosions, air and water contamination, and attacks by terrorists and other warring factions.

Aspiring Diva Musician? Here Are Some Ideas

You can also find some really great items when buying a gift for a musician, especially if she is just starting out her music career. Many kids are into music nowadays, thanks to the plethora of music videos online that depict kids singing and dancing to famous songs. When you pick out the name of a music-loving diva as the recipient of your Secret Santa, give her something musical for Christmas.

Chocolates are Healthy!

Good news, choco lovers! Chocolate has tons of health benefit!

Chocolate has always been a forbidden food. We love it but we aren’t supposed to. Now you can love it, like it and have more of it if you want. The experts have found out that there really ARE health benefits to eating your chocolate.

Supportive Stage Moms Rock!

How are stage moms made? It all starts when the signs of budding talent become obvious in your own home.

If your son or daughter has the talent for a music career, the older generations would say get an agent and create a demo tape for sending to various record labels. But that’s the old style.

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