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Personal Debt Management: A Dash of Self Love Will Go a Long Way

Everyone wants to be loved, but the big difference lies in how they want to be loved, and what loving means to them. Do you measure love in terms of the number of people you attract, the fame that comes with it, or in terms of how many want your attention? A lot of people profess that they are unlucky in love, but what they really mean is that they’re failing in one aspect in their lives that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with giving and receiving love.

It all starts with loving yourself.

Psychological health is seldom discussed outside the shrink’s office, and when finally brought up, becomes a thing that only psychologists and life coaches can deal with. People who admit that “they have a problem” take the first step to mending their lives, but the whole process becomes a convoluted array of counselling sessions and antidepressant pills. Is there a way to make the self loving process simple? One thing that people fail to understand is that they put so much stress on themselves when they don’t need to.

Do not do anything that will cause you stress in the future. Setting yourself up for financial ruin by borrowing too much now to assuage that nagging guilt that you’re not loving yourself more will not help you really give something back to yourself in the future.

One example of this is the credit card issue. Let’s say one person owes 500 dollars in credit and is allowed to borrow up to a thousand. Does he resolve the 500 dollar debt first before even touching the rest of the credit limit? Or, would he use it until it maxes out then worry about everything later?

Worry is the keyword there. I can tell you now that the best gift you can give to yourself is peace of mind. Allow yourself breathing room, to live free of obligation and anxiety. This starts with an overhaul of your spending habits. You must not treat each ‘frugal’ move as a self sacrifice. Think of frugality and thrift as a means of giving yourself that feeling of not owing anything to anyone.

Self love means imposing tough love on yourself.

Like our parents tell us “You have to do this so that you will be well off in the future”. Always think of what kind of emotional and psychological state you will be in. Aiming for a stress-free future becomes the new goal.скачать dle 12.0
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